Why Tutor?


English tutoring, either one to one, two to one, or small groups of four is an invaluable addition to learning. It can transform grades. 

English is a core subject and ability and skill in English will impact every other subject on the curriculum – even maths! Being good at English can be taught and that’s what we do really well.

It all starts with confidence. Being taught in a safe environment, where a student can make mistakes and not worry, with a tutor who is encouraging, we quickly nurture self assurance and develop skills.

All of our students enjoy their tutoring time as it is individually planned for them, to work on the areas in English that they feel less adept at.

In one hour of tutoring we can cover the same amount of work that would be done in two and sometimes three lessons at school, with students often surprised that they have been hard at work for fifty five minutes.

Evidence of the impact on pupil learning in the Government ‘Making Good Progress’ pilot suggests that one-to-one tuition, when carefully planned, engages pupils in their learning in a way which is not always possible to achieve in the classroom. For some pupils, who are ‘stuck’ or ‘slow moving’, one-to-one tuition offers a highly personalised approach to the curriculum which can address their individual needs and gaps in their learning at a time when it is most needed.