Tutoring Sessions



We offer tutoring from year 7 KS3 up to A-level that focuses on the skills that students need for exams.  We begin by outlining grade criteria and detailing what is needed to achieve the top grades; something that is especially important for A-level.

For English language we teach using a wide range of texts to develop a depth of understanding and to familiarise students with different language techniques.We show students how to look at a text and break it down, identifying why it was written (purpose), who it was written for (audience) and how it was written (form).  We identify language techniques and illustrate why those language techniques have been used – the foundation of analysis.

For English literature we focus on an in depth knowledge of the text, often taking students beyond GCSE to inspire a love for reading and for the subject. For A-level we also study texts in depth, teach exam essay writing skills and offer a good range of critical essays to inform the student’s wider reading.

We teach English language iGCSE, GCSE and A-level, all exam boards.

We teach English literature, iGCSE, GCSE and A-level, all exam boards and because we are English specialists we are able to teach any set text.

We can offer one to one tutoring, two to one or a small group of four students to one tutor.